Giving Back Grant

S.R.Y.C. Charities is pleased to provide the Giving Back Grant Program. This grant program is intended to provide funding to support opportunities in accordance with our mission statement to provide community outreach, education and recreation throughout the Illinois River Valley.

Schools, charities or nonprofit organization within 50 miles of Ottawa, Illinois are eligible to apply. Please download a grant application form and submit your application per directions on the form.

Grants funded by SRYC Charities

Ottawa Township High School, Ottawa, IL
Ottawa Township High School received funding to reinstate the geology field trip program in LaSalle County. During the fall, high school students and geology teacher, Joe Jakupcak, explored several geologic sites in the area while learning about coal, sandstone and limestone.

Ottawa Opportunity School, Ottawa, IL
Ottawa Opportunity School, a local preschool, received funding to purchase classroom materials. The materials will be used to enhance community-based field trips to places such as the fire station and local parks.

Friendship House, Ottawa, IL
Friendship House is a nonprofit organization in Ottawa that assists individuals with special needs. S.R.Y.C. Charities funded a grant to Friendship House to support a recreation/wellness program for individuals with special needs.

Lincoln Preschool, Ottawa, IL
Lincoln Preschool is a grant-funded program, which is in need of funding for supplemental educational materials. S.R.Y.C. Charities funded a grant to allow the preschool to purchase supplies to create science/sensory centers for preschool students.

Camp Coco, Springfield, IL
S.R.Y.C. Charities donated funds to Camp Coco, a childhood cancer camp in Illinois. This donation will be combined with a fundraising activity Labor Day 2011, at Starved Rock Yacht Club, to allow a child to attend Camp Coco free of charge.

Starved Rock Cycling Association, Ottawa, IL
The Starved Rock Cycling Association purchases and repairs bicycles for individuals with special needs. S.R.Y.C. Charities funded a grant to assist with bicycle efforts for the residents of Friendship House.

Lincoln Elementary School, Mendota, IL
Lincoln School in Mendota received funding from S.R.Y.C Charities to purchase technology equipment to make learning more interactive for students with special needs.

Angel Bears of Hope, Ottawa, IL
Angel Bears of Hope is a nonprofit organization that provides comfort and support to individuals fighting cancer. S.R.Y.C Charities funded a grant to assist with the purchase of teddy bears given to local cancer patients.

The Kid’s Place, LaSalle, IL
The Kid’s Place is a program affiliated with Youth Service Bureau that encourages children to be lifelong learners. S.R.Y.C. Charities funded a grant to assist with the purchase of new recreational equipment for children in the program.

Jane Hermann Student Opportunity Fund, Ottawa, IL
The Jane Hermann Student Opportunity Fund, is in memory of Jane Hermann, a local teacher that touched the hearts of many students throughout her years at Shepherd Junior High School. S.R.Y.C. Charities funded a grant to support student opportunities at Shepherd.

Marshall-Putnam County Master Gardeners (University of Illinois Extension)
Master Gardeners received funding to support volunteer outreach with local schools. The volunteer Master Gardeners regularly visit schools and used funds to create raised garden beds for hands-on soil and plant lessons.